Malesation Double Loop Granate Single Black


Malesation Double Loop Granate Single Black

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Product Description

Malesation Double Loop Granate Single Black. Pull the upper sleeve down and hold the ribbed rings with two fingers, then pull the loops upwards. Guide the stiff penis through the loops and tighten the sleeve only so tightly that there is no pain. If you feel too much pressure or the penis swells blue, simply pull the ribbed rings up with the loop left and right. Then put the testicle loop over the testicle and pull the lower cuff upwards with feeling. Attention: Tighten the sleeves gently so that the skin or hair are not trapped. RUBBER CORD Rubber round cord made of NBR – elastomer (nitrile), Ø 5 mm, hardness: 70 Shore. A-quality, high strength and elasticity. ALU-SLEEVE The noble sleeve is made of hard aluminum and is treated with an anodized color
WARNING: Do not use for more than 30 minutes. Wait at least 60 minutes between two applications. Don’t fall asleep with the penis ring. Please read the printed product information / application and warnings (ATTENTION!) in the packaging.
CLEANING: For cleaning, use a disinfectant Toy Cleaner for Toys & Body. Malesation Double Loop Granate Single Black

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Gewicht 35 g
Afmetingen 16 × 5 mm






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